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About Us

NF Moto started out in 2011 in a very competitive market of motorbike safety apparel. To this day NF Moto is focusing on building its brand across the world by sponsoring professional and semi professional riders in different countries. NF Moto believes that when its brand is built to a certain level and is recognised by a considerable number of people, it will then start to reach consumers with standard off the peg products. 

NF Moto has been a symbol of quality and craftsmanship in the motorbike leather apparel right from the outset. Our products are not only unmatched in quality, they also check the box as far as safety of the rider is concerned. The service we provide ensures unique design of your leathers, the perfect fit and 100% customer satisfaction. This brand was launched three years ago, and we are happy to say that in three years it has been recognized as one of the best in quality, safety & service all in the right price. 

We charge you the right price and provide you a combination of world class service and world class product. Our features are the best racing features in terms of quality all around the world, and as a result we warrant 100% customer satisfaction. 

It all starts when you send us your measurements along with your bike pictures, we will provide you with a digital design of the suit matching your bike colours and artwork. This will include logos, text and tattoo requirements that you might have. We can do embroidery or printing on leather. You are open to challenge our creativity; we can come up with a solution for you. We can accommodate any special feature that you might have. 

After your approve of the design and confirm your order, we will provide you with a fitment suit. The sole purpose of this suit is to see if the measurements that you have provided us are 100%. This suit would be yours to keep and use. If you feel you need to tweak the suit and suggest us changes, we will incorporate those changes in your final suit. The result would be contention of mind and a suit that fits you 100%. This service is unique in the industry. 

We used world class materials from top of the line suppliers. One of the biggest issues with custom made suits is that of zippers. We import zippers directly from YKK Japan, who are a world renowned supplier of zippers and are a symbol of strength and quality. We give 100% warranty regarding all zippers used on a suit. We used best quality leather to manufacturer all suits. We offer leather in various thickness variations for Cow hide leather and Kangaroo leather. We can accommodate all type of artwork. We have state of the art machines which can make all sorts of logo/patch requirements. Excellent quality personal tattoo artwork can also be included on your suit. 

For your peace of mind, we can provide progress pictures of your suit as it passes through different phases of production. Once your suit is complete, we will show you pictures of the final suit before it is despatched to you. 

Safety of the biker is of primary importance to us. We used CE APPROVED TPU & TITANIUM protections. We can also accommodate laser engrave logos and artwork on the titanium protectors.

For further detail and any question for your satisfaction please feel free to contact us at


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